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One must first disconnect
to fully re-connect.

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Pictured: Surya Chandra Yoga (Hannah) teaching at Hotel B Unique in Cozumel, Mexico.

The SC Collective is here to help you unwind and re-connect with yourself. 

This unique 'Web & Wellness' collective is your one-stop shop when it comes to practicing selfcare & living mindfully. Join a retreat, book a consultation, or read the bog - we are here for you on your yoga and/or wellness journey.

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We are currently offering studio and private yoga classes on the beautiful island of Cozumel - located in the Mexican Caribbean. Come and see the turquoise waters and plush green jungle for yourself!


For private lessons, we can meet on a rooftop, in the studio, or on the waterfront. - you name the location. Not a morning person?

Let's practice in the evenings!

Your yoga, your schedule. 

Join us for one of our relaxing and recharging yoga, wellness or scuba diving retreats.


Treat yourself to a completely yogic immersion experience or to one of our popular Perfect Match Retreats where we incorporate another element such as scuba diving or exploring local cuisine.


Or our favorite: #BYO with a build-your-own style wellness retreat for as many days as you want. We offer the same as our weeklong stays, except this is in Cozumel currently and completely up to you!

Wellness & Lifestyle

We continue to shares tips, tricks, deals, reviews, and other resources for leading a healthy lifestyle on our 'Wellness' page.


Don't be surprised to find product and establishment reviews; pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan recipes; opinions on and experiences with current and trending topics related to maintaining a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and even some travel insight.

Home: Classes
Home: Classes

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

- His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

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