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'Chitta Chatter' .. Huh?

Learning How This Blog Got Its Name

'Chitta' = Sanskrit for 'Monkey Mind'; 'mind stuff'; 'state of mind'; 'reservoir of all impressions'

'Chatter' = 'to talk, to discuss. to converse'

Sit down, and buckle up. We are here to discuss all the things, but especially wellness like practicing yoga & Ayurveda; a healthy diet; conscious travel tips & maintaining a holistic lifestyle.

Being Authentic

'Chitta Chatter' is here to help you be the best, truest version of yourself. Come as you are, and really allow yourself to be amazed, curious, angered, saddened, sarrowed, elated, worked up, calmed down - whatever it is that you feel after reading our posts. Sometimes it' simple, sometimes it goes deep. Sometimes it's easy writing and sharing, other times it's painful and shameful relaying information or news and current trends. Always authentic, 'Chitta Chatter' is here for you.

At the core of yoga philosophy, Chitta, in essence, means consciousness that shape our experiences and perceptions.

Sharing Resources

This blog is meant to serve as a liason between YOU (the reader) and the internet world, syphoning out some of the CHITTA, the static and the nonsense, and provide traditional & trending recipes, tips and insight into.. well, anything and everything because the options of topics to be discussed are endless, but the intention is to focus on Wellness & Self-Empowerment through healthy eating and maintaining a mindful lifestyle.

Building Community

Another intention of 'Chitta Chatter' is to help build a beautiful community of wellness-oriented and -interested people. As each of the posts have space to leave a comment, it is absolutely encouraged to do so. Leave your take on the subject (just be kind and use some common curteousy), share your experience, drop a piece of advice, or a make a suggestion for future posts.

'Monkey Mind' or 'Mind Stuff'

Evolving Together

As every day is different, so are we. The versions from yesterday may not be the same as today or the day before that, if we are lucky. Each day is meant to bring something new, offer a new opportunity to grow and evolve, embrace change vs resist. As time continues, this blog is bound to evolve, to ebb and flow with the times, with the mood of the day and of the world, with every little glitch and hiccup that comes with the human experience.

Bring it on.

About Baba Ganesh

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm here to help you be the best version of yourself.

Online, at home & in the boutique, I offer healthy recipes, wellness tips & lots of resources to make adopting & maintaining a healthy lifestyle a breeze. Be sure to stay tuned by checking out my webpage and following Baba Ganesh Wellness on Instagram (hang in there as I re-build the content). BG is a proud member of The SC Collective. Looking for Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching? Look no further. Have any questions or topics to explore together? Send me an email to

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